Diamonds & Rust in the Bullring

Diamonds & Rust in the Bullring is a Joan Baez album, recorded live in the bullring of Bilbao, Spain. It featured twelve songs, six of which were performed in English, five in Spanish and one – “Txoria Txori” – in Basque. Most of the songs had been performed and recorded by Baez previously, with the exception of Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat”.


1988 年 Joan Baez 在西班牙畢爾柏 Bilbao 的鬥牛場舉辦一場演唱會,但一場突如奇來的暴風雨,讓演唱會現場雷雨交加。

所以這張一半英語一半西班牙語的 Joan Baez 現場演唱會,就是錄製於當時雷雨交加的 Live 現場。雖然天公不作美,但是 Joan Baez 清純的聲音以及簡單清澈的吉他伴奏,和當地的群眾熱情澎湃,熱絡亢奮的情緒,皆醉心地融入 Joan Baez 的演唱會中。

Diamonds and Rust

Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around

Txoria Txori

Gracias a la vida

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